Meet Itzo, High-Rise Operation Manager

Itzo was so good at providing a unique, high-end premium detailing service to his customers that “Avi the Detailer” Cohen lured him away from being his competition, and hired him to take over the High-Rise operations at RCC Miami!

“Some of Itzo’s clients lived in residential high-rise buildings where we offer onsite detailing services,” says Avi about Itzo. “When we approached them about using our services, Itzo’s clients would tell me they already had a superior detailer with whom they had contracted with for services and simply did not want to make a change, even for the convenience of having a location in their building.”

“The art of detailing ― and what I do is an art ― has always been a prevalent part of my life since I was 12 years old,” Itzo says. “Whether it is keeping my personal vehicles, or my customer’s vehicles looking better than new, I have achieved my dream of offering the very best maintenance and detailing services, while catering to those people who demand the very best for their vehicles.”

Itzo devotes the majority of his free time to increasing his knowledge about new and innovative products that out on the market or at trade shows; and he practices new techniques; and spends time on the industry forums and online workshops to continue his education, which he feels is an integral part of remaining at the pinnacle of the detailing industry.

Itzo was qualified for the Royal Car Care Miami’s Detailing-on-the-Rise Program for Luxurious Buildings. The only investment he had to put was his time and willingness to learn advanced detailing, paint correction techniques & superior customer service skills! Itzo attended the in-house 6-month RCC Apprenticeship Program, followed by another 6-months in RCC Internship Program. This ensures a full year of training in RCC’s quality detailing standards and techniques, and it prepares the students for advancement. Learning how to properly communicate with customers, and providing hands-on experience working with building managers and valet services are important steps in RCC maintaining quality personnel.

Today, Itzo is the High-Rise Operation Manager for RCC and managing Three On The Rise locations in South Florida.

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