Meet Keith Collins, High Rise Operation Partner

Keith grew up in Bangor Main where he was one of the best Auto Detailers in the area running his own auto detailing business for over 10 years. His first paying detail job was a very dirty neighbor’s car. Having seen the vehicle before Keith detailed it, another neighbor walked across the adjoining driveway to admire the miraculous job Keith had done. Before long, everyone wanted Keith to make his or her vehicle the cleanest and shiniest on the block.

"Being in the Army for four years in my early 20's gave me a strong sense of responsibility and respect. Running my own business gave me management experience: handling inventory, buying products, supervising people and handling customer service issues. I don't know where else I could have received that kind of experience and knowledge".

Anxious to escape to warmer temperatures and to cater the high end auto industry, Keith spent a couple of months flying back and forth to Miami before completing the move. It was time to take his ability to a higher level. Keith invested a lot of money and several months of his time to educating himself in every aspect of the professional detailing industry: increasing his knowledge about new and innovative products that out on the market or at trade shows; and he practices new techniques; and spends time on the industry forums and online workshops to continue his education, which he feels is an integral part of remaining at the pinnacle of the detailing industry.

Keith was qualified for the Royal Car Care Miami’s Detailing-on-the-Rise Program for Luxurious Buildings. The only investment he had to put was his time and willingness to learn advanced detailing, paint correction techniques & superior customer service skills! Keith attended the in-house 1-month RCC Apprenticeship Program, followed by another 1-months in RCC Internship Program. This ensures a full 2 months of training in RCC’s quality detailing standards and techniques, and it prepares the students for advancement. Learning how to properly communicate with customers, and providing hands-on experience working with building managers and valet services are important steps in RCC maintaining quality personnel.

Today, Keith is the High Rise Operation Partner for RCC and managing Two Detailing on the Rise locations in South Florida.

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