Royal Car Care On The Rise - Paint Correction & Protection Detail

Not to be confused with Clay Bar, which removes contaminants from the paint, Paint Correction is the removal of paint imperfections caused by fine scratches, swirls, holograms, and oxidation, which makes your car paint cloudy or hazy. Paint correction removes an almost indefinably thin layer of your damaged clear coat so the paint can shine through! We follow it up with either a long-lasting wax sealant or a new semi-permanent coating (Opti-Coat Pro Plus - CLICK HERE) that actually repels dirt and scratches for several months at a time.

Get much more information on Paint Correction - it is one of the most advanced levels of high-end automotive detailing and equally as important to the health of your car’s exterior - CLICK HERE

A Paint Protection Detail includes:

• Exterior pretreat using foam cannon to loosen all dirt, grime and debris prior to hand washing
• A professional hand wash utilizing Microfiber washing mitts
• Gentle hand dry utilizing safe Microfiber waffle weave towels and compressed air
• Wipe-down of all door jams
• Complete Interior vacuum & trunk organization
• Thorough wipe-down of dashboard area, cup holders, and doors
• Interior & exterior window cleaning
• Clay bar treatment on all painted surfaces in order to remove all embedded contaminants and debris fallout
• Multiple stage paint correction using the finest compounds and polishes to re-level the imperfections in the vehicles clear coat and ensure a crystal clear reflection.
• Complete Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) wipe down to remove any polish residue that has been left behind. This ensures the paint is properly prepped before a protectant is applied.
• Professional application of hand wax, hand sealant or a semi-permanent coating to all painted surfaces
• A complete cleaning and conditioning of all exterior plastic and trim
• Rim faces cleaned and tires treated with water based, non-sling tire dressing
• Air freshener upon request

Special RCC On The Rise Customer Pricing!

Est. Detail Time: 2-3 Days Booking
Est. Detail Cost $750

Prices may vary according to vehicle size, type, and condition.

Available Upgrades:

• Professional application of a semi-permanent coating to all painted surfaces
• Inside-out rim barrels cleaning and treated with a semi-permanent coating
• Interior Vapor steam cleaning and leather treatment
• Paint Protection Film (PPF) kits to provide the ultimate protection to the vehicles paint surfaces - vary per kit
• High Performance Window Protection Film to provide unparalleled interior heat rejection and clarity - vary per kit

Contact your OTR Service Manager for a price for each service based on vehicle size, type, and condition.

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