RCC’s Detailing On The Rise Opportunities

How many luxury cars do you think live in the average Luxury Residential Building?

How many of those residents own second family-cars, exotics, classics, boats, private jets, and perhaps even a motorcycle or RV?

People of privilege are accustomed to paying others to care for their valuable assets, and they are willing to pay significantly for their professional upkeep. When money is no object, they will pay for on-demand or 24/7/365 services, and that my future business partner, is where you can make a lot of money!

• ARE YOU a licensed automotive detailer with a commitment to detailing excellence, but the car wash or detailing shop where you work is more concerned about quantity than quality?

• ARE YOU a detailing hobbyist who would like to take your passion for maintaining beautiful cars to a professional level?

• ARE YOU a start-up mobile detailer struggling to get your own detailing business off the ground and competing with $10 car washes and $50 bargain-barn detailers?

• ARE YOU a part-time detailer interested in learning more about advanced detailing techniques and paint correction?

Royal Car Care On The Rise Introduces their CLASS Program for Luxury Residential Buildings!

The Customized Luxury Automotive Support Service (CLASS) Program provides the affluent car and boat owner living in Miami’s high-rise communities, a unique, personalized, luxury automotive pick-up and delivery concierge service for their prized automotive possessions. We will show you how to make more money by offering luxury automotive services like concierge pick-up and delivery; interior and exterior detailing; paint correction; odor removal; concrete / cement removal; paint overspray removal; mold and mildew removal; sprinkler and acidic water marks removal; custom restyling; headlight repair; rim repair; leather repair; window tint, wraps and clear bra protection; and much more.

Detailer Qualifications

Royal Car Care Miami customers expect the best, so clearly we set the bar very high in recruiting qualified high-end automotive detailers and paint correction specialists. However, we know you are out there!

RCC requires that our detailers have at least five years’ detailing experience, and we prefer you have some formal training from a certified detailing training program; however, we recognize raw talent, passion, and a love for beautiful automobiles when we see it!

That’s why every RCC luxury car care specialist, regardless of your experience, must attend our in-house RCC training, to ensure you are operating at the same proven level of expertise and methodology we know to satisfy our customers. We enhance the average detailer’s abilities to recognize paint damage in advance, and to work out a plan to reverse the problems and protect the vehicle against future damage. We offer automotive appearance products and services that often require a knowledge of automotive paint and specific techniques for application in order to make the best decisions for our discerning customers.

Take Your Passion to the Next Level

Are you a detailer working for a large carwash chain where quantity is more important that quality; or where you can’t take the time you need to give every vehicle the shine it deserves?

Are you out there on your own trying to grow your own detailing business, but spending too much time explaining the difference between a $10 car wash and a $250 monthly detailing program that protects your customer’s automotive investment?

If this sounds familiar, RCC is looking for you!

Many detailers have the skills, passion, desire, and knowledge to be fantastic detailers, but they lack the business knowledge or customer service skills to get things going. Well, RCC will show you how to make more money than you have ever made before. With our management support and extensive detailing training, you will not only grow more skilled at detailing, but you can pull in between 30% and 50% of net profits when you become a part of the RCC team, and even more if you decide to pursue our Detailing On the Rise Management Program.

RCC detailers are expected to develop management capabilities so they can work on a daily basis with the facilities manager, valet services, employees, managers, and tenants/guests. They must be willing to do what it takes to make the customer happy, and to treat their vehicles with same care you would treat your own BMW, Porsche, Bentley, or exotic automobile.

All RCC detailers and paint correction specialists are required to follow our proven detailing and paint correction techniques, and to be certified in the use and application of all of our professional-grade products. We will provide these certifications ourselves, or send you to the accredited classes and seminars necessary.

RCC Certification Program

Royal Car Care Miami managers have all attended numerous prestigious detailing training programs and seminars across the country. Visit our License & Certifications page for more information - However, there are certain programs whose philosophy, techniques, and methodology RCC finds more compelling and efficient on luxury, classics, and exotic automobiles, than those of others.

The RCC Detailing Management training is a “Best Practices’ version of the best training programs in the country with our own successful experience detailing luxury & exotic automobiles.

Get Your Detailing on the Rise Team Management Certification

Royal Car Care Miami is Dade County’s most prestigious and well-established automotive detailers. We currently have RCC Detailing-on-the-Rise locations in four of Miami’s prominent high-rise residential buildings, hotels, and spas and we are actively expanding those locations in 2015-16.

RCC is looking for experienced automotive detailers and young self-starters who are willing to attend our 6-month RCC Detailing Internship Program, followed by an optional 6-month RCC Mentorship Program, all in preparation for managing your own RCC Detailing Center in some of Miami’s major high rise facilities. Graduates will receive an Excellence in Detailing Certification from Royal Car Care Miami.

The RCC detailing internship and mentoring programs are designed for detailers like RCC Operations Manager, Eric Kreindel and RCC’s Master of Paint Correction, Joel Amores, both whom were interested in learning more about running their own Detailing on the Rise location. Both are now in top management positions, supervising OTR detailing centers and mobile operations for RCC.

It is truly the Everything You Need to Know About Automotive Detailing according to Royal Car Care Miami’s standards! Depending on previous training, hands-on experience, and your level of advancement, this Management Certification put you on the road to running your own OTR detailing center. It includes:

Auto detailing

Auto Protection

Auto Appearance

Auto Repair

Customer Care

Detailing Business Management

OTR luxury & exotic car care

If you are interested in taking your detailing skills to the next level, if you want to learn how to make money detailing luxury & exotic automobiles, if you want to start making more money off people who have money, by offering them exclusive automotive services, right there in the building where they live! - Please submit your resume and a short story about yourself to: Avi.RoyalCare@gmail.com

Phone: (786)999-2623

Email: Info.RoyalCare@gmail.com

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