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It is usually a subtle kind of wear and tear — sliding in and out of car seats; trampling the carpeting and floor mats; extreme summer heat permeating the windshield drying out your dashboard causing cracks, fading your fabrics, and loosening your headliner; and scuffing interior door panels with your shoes.

Then there are the outright accidents like burn-holes in the leather or vinyl; stains from spills and drops; or catching a piece of jewelry on the threads of your upholstery, causing it to come unraveled or slicing through the material.

These are the hazards of driving a vehicle and no matter how hard you try to care for your car’s interior, life happens! You will be amazed, however, at how quickly and efficiently RCC can repair rips, tears, burns and stains to “like new” condition!

Royal Car Care Miami uses our own repair and restoration systems onsite or through our mobile repair service, to save you a lot of time and money by repairing rather than replacing a great deal of the damage to your leather, vinyl, fabrics, and hard plastics.

• Leather in particular makes for a luxurious interior that is durable and comfortable, however it requires a great deal of special care to keep it from discoloring, especially when exposed to hand oils on the steering wheel and from scooting in and out on the seats. In addition to repairing damage, RCC interior repair technicians professionally clean and condition the leather to prolong its natural suppleness and luster.

• Upholstery fabrics often come unraveled at the seams and stain easily. We use heavy-duty canvas and sail-making tools to re-stitch fabric seams and repair holes, often lasting longer than the original stitching. RCC techs will also color match manufacturer’s OEM colors and re-dye faded fabrics.

• Headliners begin to droop over time and there is no successful Do-it-Yourself process for re-attaching them, although many car owners have tried! RCC technicians take the necessary steps to properly detach and then reattach the headliner fabric without temporary glues and unsightly patchwork.

• Vinyl easily cracks and fades, but RCC mobile technicians use Vinyl Siding Repair Technology to repair scratches in your vinyl. We then match any grain and recolor the material so it looks like new!

• Hard plastics are the most common material used to line the interior door panels and the dashboard, but they are not resistant to scuffs. Washing isn’t enough to remove those marks, but RCC interior techs will treat the surface so the scuff marks disappear.

Services include:

• Interior Leather Repair
• Interior Upholstery Fabrics Repair
• Interior Headliner Repair
• Interior Vinyl Repair
• Door Panels and Dashboard Repair
• Convertible Tops Repair and Replacement
• Leather and Cloth Seats Repair

Prices may vary according to vehicle size, type and the extent of damage.

All of the above Interior Repair services include our Full Maintenance Car Wash as well! - CLICK HERE

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