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Innovative Automotive Wrap Design Trends At The Highest Level

One of the hottest trends on the car appearance market today, especially among exotic car owners, sports car enthusiasts, and the show car circuit, is Luxury Vehicle Wraps. Also known as “paintwork art” and available in hundreds of colors, designs, and textures, Royal Car Care Miami film installers can seamlessly transform an ordinary car or truck into a showcase vehicle.

Some of the most popular colors and styles are:

• Chrome wraps are available in gold or silver tones and are one of the more difficult materials to work with, but when finished, chrome wraps really make your vehicle stand out in a crowded show field!

• Matte Black wraps give your vehicle a “stealthy”, almost silhouette look that is fine while at the same time, a little undercover!

• White wraps give your vehicle a luminescent glow and are available in pearl or carbon fiber

• Carbon Fiber wraps are stunning! They are especially popular on hoods, mirrors, and spoilers, but can be used anywhere to add texture to an ordinarily shiny surface

• Perhaps you bought a gray car for practicality, but for just a few weeks or months, you want to know what it is like to drive a red hottie? Completely change the color of your vehicle temporarily or for the long term with Color Change wraps. Go from white to electric blue, glow in the dark, or drive on the wild side with animal prints.

• Satin wraps give your vehicle a sheen rather than a shine and look great with matte paint

• Motorsports and business graphic wraps will turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard for your company or your sponsors and have you looking like a professional motorsports racer.

Luxury Vehicle Wraps also protect the surface of your vehicle against environmental contaminants, especially in South Florida where the sand and salt air threaten the health of your automobile’s paint. Luxury wraps offer superior protection against road rash and stone chips, bugs, and the everyday abrasions caused by car door dings, grocery carts, people bumping up against it, and anything else that threaten the paint. Some people even use luxury wraps as an economical alternative to repainting severely damaged car paint, or to camouflage damage in which they can no longer color match the OEM paint.

Using Luxury Wraps are a bit more complex than applying protective film and requires the RCC touch to guarantee there is no damage to your original paint finish, and to ensure perfection in every detail.

The RCC team also involves you in every step - after all we are personalizing and customizing your vehicle according to your vision of how you want it to look.

Easy to Remove or Change

Whether you use Luxury wrap for a special occasion like a car show competition, to spice up your road life, for long-term protection, or a permanent fix, you can change it back again by simply removing it or by replacing it with another custom look. There are no negative effects or long-term impact on the natural paint surface of your car!

Let RCC get you a free quote on Luxury Vehicle Wraps. The cost is much less than repainting your car, and adds resell value to your older model vehicle.

Prices may vary according to vehicle size, type, condition and Luxury Vehicle Wrap kit options.

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