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As high-end automotive detailers, Royal Car Care professionals classify imperfections and defects into two categories:

1. Those we can fix with detailing techniques such as clay bar and multistage paint correction - CLICK HERE

2. Those that require our RCC Minor Surface Repair division

The latter includes Scratch & Chip Repair (SCR) to fix deep scratches, door dings, and rock chips that penetrate the clear coat and paint down to the metal; and Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), where the surface suffers a dent but the paint hasn’t been broken.

• Scratch & Chip Repair - SCR specialists have special techniques for repairing small, deeper scratches, dents, and dings that break through the paint down to the metal. Many minor repairs can be performed onsite. For more serious repairs, you can bring your vehicle in to our offsite shop, or, an RCC technician can pick up it up and bring it in to our shop, and deliver it back to you in “like new” condition.

• Paintless Dent Repair - In the early days of PDR, technicians were limited to golf ball-size dents or smaller. Today, RCC PDR technicians can “push out” a dent the size of a basketball! As long as there is no break in the paint, PDR specialists can work a dent out of your car door, roof, trunk, hood, or side panels using special lighting and tools made expressly for the “PDR” industry. The repair takes less than an hour and in most cases, the average car owner can no longer see the original dent. PDR is especially popular on dents caused by soft objects like hail.

Any type of collision or event causing these defects can be a stressful experience, but RCC works to make the process of getting it fixed stress-free! You should always let a RCC technician assess the damage to help you determine whether it can be corrected using any of these quick, effective, and affordable options.

If the damage is structural and requires a higher level of auto body repair, we recommend taking your vehicle to our offsite repair shop, or letting us pick it up for you, returning it in excellent condition. In more serious cases of collision damage that cannot be fixed through RCC methods, an RCC technician will recommend a collision repair and body shop nearby and still offer our pick-up and delivery services to help you get the repair made as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Bumper Damage Repair

Front and rear bumpers are a major impact zone on a vehicle. Made to take bumps, it seems ironic that most are made of nothing more substantial than hard, painted plastic.

Most people take a battered and scuffed bumper to a full service auto body shop thinking, unknowingly, they need a completely new bumper. The body shop will gladly provide a replacement or replacement part for $800 to $1,500. The car owner doesn’t realize there is a repair option like that offered by Royal Car Care Miami.

Let a professional RCC automotive technician assess the damage to your bumper before taking such a drastic step. Many of your problems can repaired in a less than a day, especially ripped, scuffed, punctured, dented, or torn bumpers. After repairing the actual damaged area, RCC uses a computerized OEM-based color matching system for primers, base coats, and clear coats to refinish them so they look like a new bumper.

Remember, your vehicle is worth more when you sell it or trade it in, if it still has the original parts. Bumper repair is an important option that saves time and money, and protects your investment!

Headlight Restoration

When carmakers quit making headlights out of glass and switched to a more easily molded polycarbonate or plastic solution, more conducive to a variety of headlight shapes and designs, oxidation became their biggest threat. The sun’s ultraviolet rays dry out the lightweight material and over time, headlights develop tiny micro-cracks that cause hazy yellow and cloudy discolorations that dull the headlight beam and cause poor illumination, which can be a hazard.

Royal Car Care Miami technicians can usually repair your headlights onsite in less than an hour, improving visibility by 140 percent without the cost of replacement.

We use a professional-grade headlight lens restoration system that removes fine scratches, followed by a special polishing process that increases your headlight’s brightness by three to four times their damaged state.

Most repair work is performed onsite in your residential building, but RCC mobile technicians can also come to your place of work. If your headlights are broken, RCC will take your car to our own Minor Exterior Repair shop to make the replacement, and deliver it back to you in “like new” condition.

Services include:

• Scratches and Chips Repair
• Door Dings and Dents Repair
• Headlight Restoration
• Bumper Damage Repair
• Clear Coat Failure Repair
• Minor Collision Repair
• Auto Parts Replacement

Prices may vary according to vehicle size, type and the extent of damage.

All of the above Minor Bodyshop Repair services include our Full Maintenance Car Wash as well! - CLICK HERE

To speed up your booking process and find out about the current condition of your vehicle before making an estimate, please complete the following Minor Bodyshop Repair Estimate Form taking particular care to complete mandatory fields as denoted by a *

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