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RCC Has 3M Reasons to Use Window Film

The benefits of window film have made it a popular add-on for many years, but 3M innovation in the materials and RCC’s lifetime warranty against color change and breakdowns in have made it practically a necessity in South Florida! Window film will:

• Reduce up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting you and your vehicle’s interior from cancer-causing, fabric-fading, vinyl and leather-cracking UV sunrays so prevalent year round in South Florida

• Prevent your windows and windshields from scratches, cracks and bull’s-eyes

• Hold glass shards in place and preclude bodily harm and other dangers should anything ever impact the glass

• Reject up to 79% of excessive heat gain through the glass to keep your vehicle much cooler inside both while driving and while sitting still

• Avert glare caused by the sun’s reflection in your glass at certain times of the day

• Arrest glass distortion and enhance radio and satellite transmission inside the vehicle

• Enhance the style of your vehicle whether it is stately and sophisticated, or hot and sassy

• Provide a comfortable level of privacy inside and out

RCC offers unprecedented choices in 3M window films including dozens of choices in color, texture, and clarity; in the degree of glare reduction and UV protection; and in the level of durability against breakage. Made with the finest in optical enhancement materials, 3M window films provide superior clarity without the glare or heat caused by sheer glass.

Best of all, window film when applied by RCC’s licensed professional installers, is long lasting. RCC technicians are the best in the business!

From sun control and security to sheer elegance, ask your RCC technician about these popular 3M window films:

• Color stable black carbon films protect, insulate, and enhance your vehicle, rivaling tinted factory glass, which tends to turn purple over time

• Nano-carbon polyester films manufactured in-house, have amazing color stability, and are non-metalized to ensure there is no signal interference

• Ceramic Series window films are made using ceramics rather than metals and dyes to afford you outstanding clarity and superior heat reduction

• Crystalline window films are the highest performance window films in the world, rejecting both visible light you can see and the infrared light you can feel

Prices may vary according to vehicle size, type, condition and Window Protection Film kit options.

We also offers Spectra Photosync Window Films, which employs a special Solar Adaptive Coating (SAC) that delivers superior heat reduction, and Suntek CXP Window Films, which offers impressive qualities and an excellent choice for style and function.

Professional Vapor steam removal of your existing tints is available at additional cost.

All of the above Window Protection Film services include our Full Maintenance Car Wash as well! - CLICK HERE

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