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Whether you drive a luxury sedan, a road-rugged 4 x 4, or an SUV full of muddy cleats and sticky fingers — on the inside, life happens ― spilled food and drink, dirty shoes, enthusiastic pets, and unfortunate “accidents."

If you drive an imminent classic or you are nurturing a precious exotic for her characteristic beauty, every painstaking detail of that vehicle is built for aerodynamic superiority and customized style. However, on the outside — the Laws of Physics are indiscriminate ― paint oxidizes, metals rust, fabrics wear, and plastics fade.

High-rise buildings also face problems in providing a protected environment for their residents and guests. Valet attendants accidentally ding a car door, leave a nick in a car seat, or smack a bumper parking cars; and there is always that one flawed parking space where a drainage pipe leaks or the roof drips — right onto your new BMW! Regardless of the problem — in-house, environmental, accidental, or just plain unlucky — residents, guests, and even building management and employees, are relieved to know the luxury car care specialists at Royal Car Care Miami are on the spot to fix these problems quickly and affordably.

Royal Car Care Miami uses only the highest quality interior and exterior car care products including shampoos, waxes, sealants, and protective coatings ― in fact, many of our professional-grade products for exotic car care aren't available over-the-counter.

We have an expert eye for perfection, which promises only optimum results; and we use only the safest and most effective equipment and precision detailing and paint correction techniques, proven to increase the resale value on everyday drives and economy cars, vintage classics, boats, bikes, SUVs, and the most road-hearty trucks.

From the inside out, our experienced team of technicians, led by Air Force One Detailer Avi Cohen, appreciates the importance of details, and his team has a passion for precision that makes detailing an art form. You can trust Royal Car Care Miami with your $15,000 Honda, your $30,000 Lincoln, your $60,000 Mercedes, your $150,000 Bentley or your $1,000,000 Bugatti!

Royal Car Care Miami hasn’t earned its reputation as the Masters of Luxury without providing every possible option for the care of your vehicle. In addition to offering unique detailing packages, we also offer our customers:

• Concierge vehicle pick-up and delivery service

• Customer Car Care Tips for keeping your vehicle in top condition, between cleanings and detailing

• Access to automotive maintenance services like oil changes, tune-ups, etc.

• Immediate on-the-spot detailing and repair services to correct in-house damages and problems

For individual services, you will find our brochures at the front desk of your building, but RCC on the Rise has pre-designed our most popular detailing, appearance and repair services into packages to give our discerning customers the most comprehensive options available:

Phone: (786) 999-2623


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