Royal Car Care's Luxurious Building Partnership

With over 30 combined years of high-end detailing and paint correction experience, Royal Car Care Miami has set the precedent for luxury and exotic car care in Miami/Dade County. Currently servicing over 1,000 South Florida residents, RCC has Luxury Living partnerships with few of Miami’s most prestigious residential high-rise buildings and hotels.

RCC will construct an operational and fully staffed RCC automotive detailing center inside your luxury building or parking garage. RCC offers to every guest, resident, and employee associated with your facility:

Premium one-stop environmentally friendly hand car washes using our proprietary water containment system

Premium one-stop environmentally friendly waterless hand car washes using our water free wash system

Customized on-the-spot interior & exterior detailing

Customized luxury detailing and advanced paint correction/protection services

Concierge pick-up and delivery services for a variety of automotive needs including mechanical and aesthetic services

European steam cleaning & permanent odor removal

Immediate response to valet parking ‘accidents' and parking garage zings and dings

Immediate response to lobby and parking fallout ‘accidents' such as concrete, paint, sprinklers system, pipe leak, etc.

Without constant, high quality car care and paint protection maintenance, coastal living is hazardous to any automotive investment!

Miami residents spend close to a $1 billion a year on new vehicles*. With a population of over 413,000**, roughly 30 percent of Miami households have more than one automobile. While salt, sand, and perpetual sunshine may be Miami’s crowning glory, it wreaks havoc on its resident’s automotive investments.

The exterior paint, trim, hard plastics, and metals are subject to Florida’s summer rain showers that leave streaks and water spots filled with environmental contaminants, salt, and sand particles that scratch and eat away at the clear coat to dull the glossiest finishes.

Interior fabrics and expensive leathers and microsuedes are in danger of dehydrating, cracking, and fading.

One splat of seagull poop is the equivalent of pouring slow-acting acid all over the roof, trunk, and hood.

Valet Services are convenient but most of the time, valet drivers are young drivers without much experience. Most valets have chosen their job because they love cars. That means they are sometimes a little overzealous sitting behind the wheel of a fine luxury automobile, and in their passion, they drive a little too fast, burn too much rubber, clip curbs, and jump in and out of the vehicle a little too enthusiastically!

As long as you are using a valet service, chances are high that minor damages will occur: door dings, scratches, scuff marks, broken mirrors, rim damage from scraping curbs, cracked bumpers, injury to leather and other upholstery, and more.

Royal car Care Miami is always sorry to see these kinds of mistakes made, but an RCC luxury car specialist is always on the spot in your building to help repair those damages, quickly and efficiently.

* Based on CLR Search statistics from 2010
** Based on CLR Search statistics from 2012

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No other detailer in Miami offers the kind of luxurious, personalized car care services that RCC Miami offers on a daily basis ― and we are expanding!

Think of the benefits for your guests, residents, and employees! Having a RCC professional onsite to take care of your vehicles, without having to leave it at a shop and catch a ride somewhere else.

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